Cloud Hosting

Access Anytime - Anywhere

SaaS - Web Deployment

SaaS Architecture for Quick Deployment

Mobile Apps

Premium Mobile apps for Android and iOS platform

Interactive UI

User Friendly Interface for Great User Experience

Easy to Integrate

API Driven Structure which allows to Integrate with any backend platform

Success Managers

Dedicated Managers for Smooth Implementation

Project Management Solution

  • Projects

  • Team managements

  • Tasks Allocation/Stages

  • Tasks Follow-up and Activities

  • Timesheets

  • Analytics & Report

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HR & Payroll Solution

  • Employees Management

  • Employees Hierarchy

  • Flexible Payroll Structures

  • Leave Management

  • Expense Management

  • Analytics & Report

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CRM Solution

  • Contact/Customer Management

  • Sales Team Management

  • Lead Management & Nurturing

  • Pipeline Management / Sales Stages

  • Calls & Meeting scheduler

  • Ease of Communication / Online Chat

  • Premium Mobile Application

  • Analytics & Report

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E-learning Mobile Application

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