How EvoDMS Can Turn the Tables by Improving Distributor Management
How EvoDMS Can Turn the Tables by Improving Distributor Management

Being there in the market with the right product at the right price and with carefully planned promotions ensures the success of a business. However, nobody can ignore the role of an effective distributor management system in this process.

At Evozard, our team with 10 years of experience knows this very well. We also understand the challenges businesses have to face in the absence of an efficient business solution. With these things in mind, we have developed a powerful solution for distributor management. We call it EvoDMS and it’s a part of EvoBiz (an Evolutionary Business Suit) which is a complete package for B2B sales management. It’s well-researched and well-designed to match the requirements of a business regardless of its size.

In the following paragraphs, we have discussed how our evolutionary distributor management system can help improve your supply chain operations and ultimately the sales, revenue, and market share.

1. Make your products available where and when needed

EvoDMS provides the dashboard for all-important user groups, i.e. sales, warehouse, payment collection, distributor, etc. Thus they can monitor their daily, weekly, and monthly results and take necessary steps where and whenever required. This, in particular, helps ensure that the stock is available at the place where it should be.

There will be seasonal or occasional fluctuations in demand, and when this happens, you will need to make well-informed decisions. EvoDMS helps with this crucial task given its powerful reporting sections. Needless to say that you will be able to forecast more accurately when you have micro-level reports and a 360-degree view of how your distribution and sales network is performing.

So, with the help of this system, your products will be available when and where they are most needed and you will see the incremental growth in sales and revenue.

2. Build an unbreakable bond with all stakeholders

When your business is doing well, obviously it will be because of a powerful system, strong network, and loyal and hardworking stakeholders. More clearly, the people, i.e. distributors, retailers, sales teams, and other employees in the supply chain are your most important asset. EvoDMS is designed with this key point in the center.

A DMS doesn’t serve the customers or consumers of your products directly. That means the closest people will be those who become the bridge between your products and their users. In this case, an efficient distributor management system like EvoDMS makes a huge difference. It will go a long way in building a strong relationship between your business, distributors, and retailers.

To understand this, see some of the key benefits of this system below that ensures mutual benefits and win-win situations.

  • Friendly order management

  • Quick delivery

  • Smooth returns management

  • Customized promotions

  • Speedy process of claims

  • Rewards for performance

  • Encouraging offers and support 

3. Know what and where to promote

As discussed in the first point, EvoDMS comes with a dashboard for all important people involved in the supply chain management where they can see their respective reports. But a manufacturer can have all reports in one place. This helps them have a bird's-eye view and provides the exact information that can be used to prepare promotional plans and pricing.

Needless to say that the management will need monthly and quarterly reports to understand the trends while making marketing strategies. Our distributor management system seamlessly collects data from every direction like order size and frequency, the contribution of distributors in clearing the stocks, sales during particular seasons, the performance of retailers and sales team, the performance of promotional and marketing campaigns, and much more.

Thus the business can use this data for effective evaluation and planning for future promotions. Remember, effective pricing and promotions not only convert more, but also encourages distributors, retailers, and salespeople to do extra efforts in selling your products.

4. Train and motivate people for better results

Now you know that EvoDMS gives all the tools and features that you need to smoothly run your distribution network. But at the same time, it’s also important for you to know that it can play a crucial role in improving your HR and training activities. You can use the sales and performance data for the below activities.

  • Deciding targets and benchmarks

  • Matching past results of a candidate with your expectations while hiring

  • Arranging training sessions for a sales team

  • Setting-up reward system for distributors, retailers, and salespeople

5. Right decision at the right time with the help of EvoDMS

Manufacturers have to make decisions that significantly affect their business operations and results. But, whether they will have a positive impact or a negative outcome depends on their quality, relevancy, and timing. Therefore, it’s important that you make the right decision at the right time.

In this context, it’s quite appropriate to say that EvoDMS facilitates the decision-making process. It does so by providing reports in easy-to-understand format. So, you will be working as per an overall strategy and will be taking a correct decision on time. Further, it will be based on facts and figures, so there wouldn’t be any confusion. Ultimately, its execution will be quick and effective.

Additionally, this distributor management system provides a powerful platform to collect inputs and opinions from all users. With this solution in place, you will be in touch with key persons in the supply chain in addition to being able to get important reports. Thus, you will be taking the right decisions at the right time thereby ensuring the growth and success of your business.


Internet along with modern programming technologies and advanced hardware has opened up the doors of immense opportunities for growth and expansion for businesses. While you are ready to adapt to this trend, we, Evozard, are ready to be a partner of your journey to the exponential success. For this, we are offering some evolutionary products like EvoDMS that will make distributor management quite easy and smooth. So that you can save your resources and energy for other important tasks.

For more information and a demo, call us on +91 8000 168 707 or +91 9426 376 468 or send an email to [email protected]. We will get in touch with you soon. Thanks.

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