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Odoo CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is a powerful browser-based sales software designed to increase organizational efficiency. Odoo CRM is a small part of a larger highly integrated collective of ERP applications at your disposal.
Evozard CRM is based on Odoo Community Edition (CE). With the help of Evozard CRM Sales people can manage their customer & opportunity data real time. Evozard CRM is designed to improve over all experience to update data from mobile application, which will help organization to improve upon real time updates and take quicker decisions.

. Evozard CRM


With the help of Evozard CRM users will update real time data to Odoo CRM, which gives quick overview of what's going on in your team. User can communicate internally on an opportunity and colleagues or concern person can react on it immediately to provide support/update on it. This increases seamless communication between sales people.

Real Time Integrated Mobile App  makes Odoo more efficient

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Evozard CRM

Evozard CRM

Evozard CRM is based on Odoo Community Edition (CE). You can use your Existing Odoo apps and access from this Apps.
Support for Odoo 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

To Use this app, you will need to have
- Your Odoo CE Apps URL/IP Address
- Your Odoo CE Port (If URL no need to put port)
- Your Odoo CE Database Name (Case sensitive)
- Your Username/email & Password as per your Odoo login

Evozard CRM

Feature List

Login with URL or Domain

User can login with URL or with Domain

Create/Update/View Customer

User can create, update and view customer from mobile application

Create/Update/View Opportunity

User can create, update and view opportunity from mobile application


View Sales Order

User can view sales order list

View Sales Invoice

User can view sales invoice list

Real time updated

All data are viewed, updated and create real-time

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