Customer Relationship Management

Evozard CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System is a web hosted, integrated mobile app, ready to deploy yet powerful software designed to increase sales' efficiency. Evozard CRM is a small part of a larger highly integrated collective of business suite at your disposal.

With the help of Evozard CRM users will update real time data to Backend, which gives quick overview of what's going on in your team. User can communicate internally on an opportunity and colleagues or concern person can react on it immediately to provide support/update on it. This increases seamless communication between sales people.

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Real Time Integrated Mobile App

Helps to get adapted by stakeholders

Features you don't want to miss

Manage Contact

Easy to manage your contact. Get 360' view about contact on single page.

Manage Lead/Opportunity

Create & Update Lead/Opportunity from mobile device & keep operation team real time updated.

Manage Sale Order

Team can create sales order and get real time updated status from the mobile app for the same.

Few Reasons to start with Evozard-CRM

Cloud Hosted

New-age web hosting solution that is relative fast and have absolutely zero in-house infrastructure.

Easy Implementation

Extensive range of out-of configurations and features that enable easy implementation.

Dedicated Consultant

Experienced team available make sure on-time and reliable delivery

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