Product Approval Process in Odoo
Streamlining Success: The Significance of a Thorough Product Approval Procedure

Streamlining Success: The Significance of a Thorough Product Approval Procedure

 The product Approval Process is a valuable tool for establishing confidence between customers and suppliers. In today's competitive manufacturing environment, while suppliers are wooing customers with lower prices without the promise of product quality, we go one step further to strengthen the bond with our customers. Many parts are being outsourced to overseas manufacturers. This often results in longer lead times and larger order quantities. Therefore, it has become imperative to provide quality parts that meet the customer's requirements the first time and every time.
The product approval module will allow you to approve or reject products only by the product manager, Only approved products can be used in sales, Purchases, Invoices, CRM & Inventory, etc. When a product is created that will put it in the 'Under Approval' state by default and then after product manager can move into the approve or not approve state. The approved product will appear in the whole odoo. This module gives the facility the product manager to select multiple products means mass approval or mass reject products.

Need for Product Approval

Product approval processes are essential for businesses to maintain high standards of quality and compliance. Whether you are dealing with new product launches, supplier quality checks or internal quality assurance, having a structured approval process ensures that every product meets the required standards before it reaches the market. Odoo's flexible and customizable nature makes it an ideal tool for managing these processes effectively.

Evozard's Product Approval Application

Odoo allows you to create custom workflows tailored to your specific business needs. This Application is suitable for businesses where approval is required to create a Product. Administrators can set up levels of approval for creating products. Administrators can define the approval levels, like first, second, third... The administrator can set up who will be the approver of each level in terms of designation, like Team Leader, Sales Manager, etc. To set up a product approval workflow, you can start by defining the stages of approval. These stages might include initial submission, quality check, compliance review, and final approval. Each stage can be assigned to different users or teams, ensuring that the right expertise is applied at each step.

Features of Evozard's Product Approval Application

- Work flow Management

- Product Approval Status

- Notification and Alerts

- Role Based Permissions

- Product Approval Access Rights

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Automating Approval Processes with Odoo

Automation is a key feature of Odoo that can significantly enhance the efficiency of your product approval processes. By leveraging Odoo's automation capabilities, you can set up triggers and actions that streamline the workflow. For example, you can configure Odoo to automatically notify relevant stakeholders when a product moves to the next stage of approval, or to generate alerts for pending approvals that require attention.

Customizing Approval Criteria

Every business has unique criteria for product approvals, and Odoo's flexibility allows you to customize these criteria to suit your needs. You can define specific attributes and conditions that a product must meet to pass each stage of approval. This could include quality metrics, compliance with regulatory standards, or alignment with company policies. Customizing these criteria within Odoo, Which makes ensures all necessary checks are performed consistently.
Tracking and Reporting

Tracking and Reporting

Effective tracking and reporting are critical components of a successful product approval process. Odoo's reporting tools provide detailed insights into the status of product approvals, highlighting any bottlenecks or delays. You can generate reports that summarize the approval history of each product, providing valuable data for continuous improvement. This transparency helps in identifying areas for optimization and ensures accountability across the approval process.

Integrating with Other Odoo Modules

One of the strengths of Odoo is its modular architecture, which allows seamless integration with other Odoo modules. Integrating the product approval process with the inventory and procurement modules can ensure that only approved products are ordered and stocked. Similarly, linking with the quality management module can enhance the overall quality assurance framework, providing a holistic view of product quality from development to delivery.

Training And Adoption

Implementing a new product approval process requires proper training and adoption strategies. Odoo's user-friendly interface and extensive documentation make it easier for teams to get up to speed. Investing in training sessions and creating comprehensive user guides can facilitate a smooth transition and ensure that all team members are proficient in using the new system.


Odoo provides a robust and customizable platform for managing product approvals, enabling businesses to maintain high standards of quality and compliance. By leveraging its automation, customization, and integration capabilities, companies can streamline their product approval processes, ensuring efficiency and transparency. Implementing these features not only enhances productivity but also upholds product quality, driving the overall success of the organization. Embracing Odoo for product approvals is a strategic move that offers significant long-term benefits, fostering continuous improvement and adaptability in a competitive market.

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