An Evolutionary Field Force Automation

EvoFFA is an evolutionary field force automation software specifically designed for catering to the Delivery and Collection Force on the field.

Daily Delivery & Collection Schedule  makes your daily visits and activities smooth and keeps you always on-time.

Real Time Update  allows user to have real time inventory, collection report and tracking to warehouse and account team. This reduces day end closing for inventory and collection.

Collectively, these features make EvoFFA one of the most desired software solutions for FMCG business regardless of its size.

400,000+ Deliveries and Invoices are processed yearly.

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Delivery Schedule

Know your Today's Delivery Route

Delivery Assignment

Automatic Delivery order assignment rules

Real-time GPS Tracking

Smart business management software for Real-time GPS Tracking for Delivery Person

Delivery Targets

Know your delivery targets. Adopt the non schedule delivery to meet the Targets

Collection Schedule

Know your Today's Collection Route

Over Due Invoice

Get exact Over due amount to be collected from customers

Collection Target

Know your collection targets. Adopt the non schedule customer collection to meet the target.

Real time Stock & Collection Update

Real time integrated with inventory management and AR management modules.

Dashboard & Reporting

Analytics and KPIs on fingertips.

Business Challenges & Solutions

Delivery & Collection Route

EvoFFA provides details about today's route and also displays directions to Delivery and Collection Person.

Field Force Tracking

EvoFFA provides you seamless tracking of field resource real-time.

Non-scheduled & Partial Delivery

Delivery Man can decide non-scheduled delivery as well as a product available with the help of this smart FMCG field force automation system. It also allows partial delivery.


Non-scheduled Payment Collection

Collection agent can now collect nearby customer and about to due payments.

Stock Information

The field force can input the store's inventory level and capture the competitor's product details as well.

The reason for Delivery or Collection not Done

Interface to enter the reason why delivery no completed or collection is not made.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


200,000+ Retailer's Deliveries are done via EvoFFA.

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