An Evolutionary Solution for Retail Orders



EvoRetail is a mobile application that provides an evolutionary solution for retail orders. Its a transparent platform where retailers can see their own pricing, contracts and promotional schemes. Apart from this, it also allows for placing direct orders and track their status. Thus it's one of the most needed FMCG business software solutions designed to make retailer's life easy.

EvoRetail also provides an Online Mobile Shop, a new digital channel for Principle. With this feature, registered retailers of a manufacturer can directly place an order and it will be automatically served with their designated distributor.

So, being an essential part of EvoBiz which is a complete business management software, EvoRetail helps Principles develop a strong bond and relationship with Retailers.


200,000+ Retailers are placing orders with Evo RETAIL .

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Online Order Placement

Retailers can easily login through mobile application and place orders.

Product Listing

A Single platform to manage product listing

Real Time Pricing

Retailers can get real-time updates for pricing

Schemes & Discounts

A Single platform to manage Schemes and Discounts. It can be specific to Retail outlet, region, zone etc.

Online Order Tracking

Retailer can log in and track the status of their orders

Contract Visibility

Retailers will have clear visibility of their contract and benefits.

Return Request

Retailers can place a Return order and track their status.


Retailers will get important notifications on their app including the latest schemes & discounts.

History & Analytics

NRetailers can get historical reports of purchases for analysis and operational purposes.

Business Challenges & Solutions

Order Placing

EvoRETAIL provides easy and direct order placement feature for retail outlet owners and users

Tracking Order

Allows Retailers to track their order status and get notified at each stage

Information Visibility & Transparency

Retailers can view their contracts and check their milestones


Personalized Data

Shows only logged in Retailer related products, pricing, promotions, contracts, etc.

Announcement to Retailers

Improves relationship with Retail Outlets by sending personalized notifications

Dashboard & Reporting

EvoRETAIL provides history and status of Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Return Order Requests, etc.

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200,000+ Retailers are Tracking orders with Evo RETAIL .

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